Minimalistic house on the hill overlooking the Zvolen city. The house consist of a single-level living floor with the panoramic relaxing terrace.

The intention underlying our proposal is to build a house for a family with two young children. The dimension of the site is about thousand square meters, where the site is mostly flat and located "above the hospital" near the city of Zvolen. Design of the house is based on the requirements of the future users and the geological and structural qualities of the site. The basic requirements of users were a single level living floor - ensuring privacy on the property, panorama from the all residential rooms of the house, simplicity of the construction and coherent operation of the house. Furthermore, the geological and structural qualities of the land were significant in the design process . . .

The result of the proposal is the family house located on the highest level of the site near the boundary of the elementary school area. The entrance on this level is proposed for pedestrians only. Under the south part of the house is located a semi-embedded basement designed for the car parking. The basement is designed as a stabilization element. Based on that, the steep hillside under the site is protected in the case of ground sliding and will be working as a reinforcing rib of the terrain. The entrance of the basement is located under the visibility edge of the site. Besides that,the living area can be use without the disturbance influences of the cars.
The main concept in the design was a division of the house for the single-level, peaceful and private family house with the garden, panoramic view and the "invisible" operational basement. In terms of design and visual impression of the object, the volume concept will act minimalistic and efficiently. The house consist of dominant exterior elements as a long transparent "panoramic" facade and the rippled line of the terrace and marquise in front of it. Basement inserted in the ground floor below the surface of distinguished residential floor and is designed from durable concrete base material. The outer coating of residential floor will be a white plaster or tile combined with a wooden terrace surface and the quality aluminum and glass facade elements.
The interior of the building will be designed modern and minimalistic. The dominant elements of the interior should be a quality wooden surfaces of floors, white furniture sets, interesting solitaires tables and chairs and curtains forming solar control and privacy. The flat roof of the building is designed with a layer of grass and the skylight, which is supplying the necessary light and sunny scenery in the night zone hallway. The house is simple, logically formed and functional.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Collaborators: Natália Michalová
Location: Zvolen
Design, project: 2016 . . .