Concrete facade, wood, unobtrusiveness, coalescence with the terrain, horizontality and focus on nature are the underlying basis of this recreational building.

The concrete walls finishing in exterior and interior, subtle aluminum frames, glass, solid wood floors and terraces and grass roof blended into the hill. Horizontality, coalescence, unobtrusiveness and orientation to the surrounding countryside is the basic idea behind this design approach based on the historical recreational settlements in the area . . .

Pohronský Inovec, habitat in which this property will be located is characterized by the scattered settlements Lazníčky. The landscape is formed by the extremely low density, nicely undulating hill country, dominated by large meadows with smaller islands of deciduous forests. In between the extensive land are the narrow entrance paths to the homestead, which incorporate the spaces for the housing and the farm. The subject of this proposal is a settlement of private recreational character. In this moment the building is utilized as a recreational house for the family vacation. Future utilization of the building can be changed according to the future needs of the owner as the homestead. The proposal responds to an investor input,to the shape and building orientation to the cardinal points, as well as the surrounding countryside views. The building will be at one floor, which is a basic requirement of clients. By the placement of the building in the direction of terrain contour, material solutions as well as its horizontal proportions with grass roof extends into the field, the house will merge with the surroundings. The intention to reconnect the interior with exterior is created by the large glass facade on the east, south and west sides. The proposal is backed by a large garden terrace with summer kitchen, fireplace, lounge chairs and exterior bedroom created in connection with the living room interior. The house is located in the gravity center of the land, when the height is chosen with respect to panorama and sunlit. The homestead consists of three wings, which defines the three interfaces for interior and exterior design. The first is the farmyard on the north, linked to the arrival and service spaces embedded in the slope above the structure. Another is the "morning" eastern terrace bedroom and the last - large, south-west terrace with fabric roofs. The construction is simple, the focus is on shaping its functions in relation to the spaces, views and sunlit.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: countryside of Nová Baňa
Design: 2015