The contract giver and the user of this building is a prosperous technological company AIRSYSTEM. It is engaged in the planning and supplying modern system of a building interior installations. The assignment of their new headquarters is to build a polyfunctional building with a possibility to rent a part to some other companies. One of the main requests is to create a building in the highest standard among the other buildings of the same character . . .

The building will take place in the city of Bánovce nad Bebravou, on the site near the Trenčianska street, the main road through the city. Locality is now lacking a defined urban qualities. The only markable urban component is the main road. The advantage of this site is its relation to the main road in the city, thanks to which the building will be easily accessible to other companies and will have a good marketing visibility.

Concept of the design is based on the demands of the future user of the building and on the existing site limitations.Cause the site is relatively small, we have decided to conveniently put an office building into a very compact three storey matter with parking lots underground. The purpose of shaping the building mass focuses on the individual floors. All floors contain different functions, therefore we designed different areas for every floor. The entrance floor is adjusted to suit the entrance hall, bistro and a congress hall. Its organization comes from a module scheme of the underground parking. The major area belongs to the first floor considering it will be used as an rentable floor. With its consoles on the front and back side this floor creates a cover over the main entrance and over the exit near the conference hall in the back. The second floor has smaller areas which are adjusted for the needs of the employees. By scaling down this floor area, we were able to create the roof terraces with plants which are in an attractive way filling the office spaces towards the exterior. Scaling down and recessing this floor led us to a optical decrease of the building volume witness from the street view. This way is the new building coming closer to the heigh of the common silhouette of the city outskirt.

The new object becomes a very efficient office building with special variability of created rooms. The shaping of the building is closely connected to the different floors. Underground floor is absolutely raw, the first floor is created by a strict, economic steel structure with metallic surfaced on the core part. The highest floor, the headquarters of AIRSYSTEM, has a wooden structure. Timber framework is coupled with the wooden facing on the core and the exotic deck of the roof terraces. Significant part of the design are the exterior trees and greens which create a visual barrier between the building and its surrounding.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Natália Michalová
Location: Bánovce nad Bebravou
Design: 2017