Company Phoenix Zeppelin predominantly deals with sales, servicing services and rentals of construction machinery. Design development for this project was not simple. It was substantial to affiliate several assorted administrative, storage and utility service operations into as simple and compact architectural form as possible. As this is the first of several branches in Slovakia, it was also important to determinate visual appearance and concept that could designate the trend of further development. In relation to a customer, dominance in the interior is the hall, which is dimensioned generously . . .

The rest of interior is designed in respect to space economy with emphasis on minimizing all communication routes. Above reception for rental, technical support and spare parts sales on the ground floor, there is a gallery with sales department, therefore sale representatives have eye contact with the entrance area. This administrative fraction of the building on the both levels containing also other offices, meeting room and kitchenette is interconnected with the servicing boxes. The main construction materials of the building are reinforced concrete skeleton with brick insulated masonry filling at the administrative part and steel construction with sandwich panelling in servicing part due to larger spans. Exterior design, form and material palette is influenced by industrial focus of the company and based on pure architectural expression in regard to building´s function and contents. The overall composition is balanced by metal cladding, logo panels and shading system.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Števo Moravčík, Martin Paulíny
Location: Košice, Šaca
Client: Zeppelin SK (formerly Phoenix Zeppelin)
Costs: 2.300.000 €
Design, projects: 2003 - 2006
Construction: 2006 - 2007

Publications: archiweb, archdaily

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