New Nitra water park is designed as a reconstruction of the existing swimming pool with a view to its year-round use in modern operating standards.

The design of a water park was based on the orders of a private investor, presented with his intention to reconstruct the old water areal on Sihot in cooperation with the city of Nitra. Water park should be retrofitting an existing swimming pool with a view to its year-round use in modern operating and hygiene standards. Swimming pool is located on the outskirts of town, near the castle hill and the river Nitra. An access to the area is from the northeast, making it then the area in view of sunlit properly oriented to the southwest. The water park is surrounded from all sides by a very nice historical park that creates this place pleasant intimate atmosphere . . .

The starting point of the proposal is a response to the atmosphere in the area and trying to use it for the benefit of future operations. Strong incentive for the water park is its location in a quiet neighborhood, the presence of the historic park surroundings and visual contact with Nitra Castle. The new water park is designed for the family-friendly user and consist of a summer outdoor terrace with swimming pools, attractions and outdoor seating together with the compact circular object open year-round with a large central pool hall and car park at the side of the existing traffic areas. Parking capacity will be set as not disturbing element in the peaceful area, where the traffic parking capacity will be situated close to the nearby Stadiums. The concept of a compact circular floor plan responds to the surrounding park, in which the panoramic view from the interior opens, so the idea of former water park in the middle of the park will be preserved.
The panoramic view and sunlit of the central pool hall is supported by the southwest slope of the facade, when the spiral shape of the facade responds to the need to create space for the inner slide. The circular ground plan of the building is important in terms of energy efficiency of building operations, where the cooling envelope surface is smaller than in rectangular solutions. In addition to the central pool hall, building contain technical and operational facilities in the basement and on the ground floor steam rooms accessible from the pool hall, following the foyer and café. Upstairs are located a changing rooms and extensive wellness. On the second floor are located restaurant and fitness facilities.
The fact that the building will be visible from the castle hill, is an important starting point for the design. We propose, that the architecture of this place will be designed with the artistic aspect. That is why design of a simple geometry of central and yearly open building, with moderate color solution of the facades, or the use of green roofs.

Autors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: water areal on Sihoť, Nitra
Client: private company
Concept: 2014