This detached house is located in Banská Bystrica in a area called „Graniar". A thoughtful one-story conception of a house on a hill is very suitable for this kind of area. A big parametric paravan screens undesirable views of trespassers, on other hand it allows to have views on the old city center and nearby moutain Urpin . . .

Our proposal consists on simply designing a house on a relatively larger plot. This plot represents 3000 m2. It is square-shaped, from the top and bottom is the plot lined by two parallel service communications. Section of our plot shows a 10 meters difference between top side and bottom side. This inclination of the plot is towards southeast direction, which is aiming to city center of Banská Bystrica and cities natural scenery. Graniar is a long-term residencial area located on the hillside of Kremnické mountains and above the main city highway. Pros of this site is definitely the view. Cons are defined by uneven terrain situation, which makes the position of the future house more complicated.

Our design of the house is based on the requirements of future user, which are defined by orientation, views, maximum functionality, one level living space, intimacy inside and outside and insulation. The basic concept of the house is based on the desire to have a single-story living space, where other technical stuff is covered from the users eye in the multifunctional basement below the house. Access for pedestrians and parking is from the upper communication. The lower part of the plot will be used as a optical and sound filter. The house is logically situated at the top of the plot to maximize the feeling of openness to the city. From the upper service communication seems that this house is just one-storey high. The volume of the house doesnt stand out. This house doesnt want to be rude to its surroundig.

An important part of the family house is its large residential terrace with all glazed wall aiming to the southwestern side. Access to this terrace is through a parking lot situated under the house or directly through the house. The interface between the terrace and the interior is not linear. In the living room we have created a recessed meander so that the large glazed walls are oriented mostly southwest and provide privacy to the residents or agains windy weather. The final packaging of the house will be a vertical laminated cladding covering the entire house. This layer of the house will define the private, semi-private and public interface of the house.

The residential part of the terrace goes deeper into the body of the house in the direction of the parents bedroom. Childrens bedrooms as a mass of the house are much wider than parents bedroom and that is why it is following the slope of the terrain and also createing a place for parking in the north corner of the house. Apart from the horizontal composition of the house and digging it into the hill to give it more humble look, it has also a nice materiality appearance. It consist mainly from natural materials and their natural coloring. Flat, extensively green roof, gray concrete surfaces of the walls, glass and other raw surfaces, give this house a unique composed presence. Last but not least is the overall parametrical vertical wooden shading system which gives the whole house a nice slick look. With changing sun conditions the house will get an interesting art-like layer.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Jakub Havlík, Natália Michalová
Location: Graniar, Banská Bystrica
Design: 2018