Premeditation, transparency and marketing as the basis of corporate identity are the starting point for new modern central office building of company Gumex Slovakia.

"Openness and transparency towards their clients" as a strategy of corporate policy, the starting requirement for new central office building of company Gumex Slovakia. The site is located in the triangle, formed by crossing of two roads - R1 expressway and Cabajská road. The advantage of the building site is its position in terms of marketing. The strategy of the company is reflected in the design itself. Therefore, the new building is designed to be visible from the surrounding roads and reflects the operation of the area and the fire distance from the surrounding buildings . . .

New building is situated by its longitudinal side parallel to the highway R1. An administrative and sales part are located close to the Cabajska street. The big glass wall opens the view to the sales part. Consequently, the big space in the middle of the building will be visible from the both sides of the building and will be shining during the night trough the glass walls.
The entrance hall is the first point of contact with clients and the building. It consist of entrance vestibule, first contact office, tree small offices, the necessary hygiene facilities and spaces designed for waiting of customers. Hall has two floors, where the second floor is created through the gallery. In the direct optical contact with a sales hall is designed tire service. Customers thus have the ability to track service performance in their vehicles. The entranceway to the pits of tire service is integrated in line with the entry into a sales hall and warehouse. Tire service has a height of two floors a sales hall. Hallway leading around it interconnects the sales hall with a tire repair shop and warehouse, which is the last part of the building. Above the corridor is located a facility of the tire service and part of the corridor also serves as a packing space of the online shop. Structurally, the entire construction is a steel frame construction. The individual parts of the building will receive a unifying cloak-based silver metallic sandwich panels with vertical raster.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: Cabajská cesta, Nitra
Client: Gumex Slovakia
Costs: 800.000 €
Design, projects: 2012 - 2013
Construction: 2014 - 2015

Awards: CE-ZA-AR Award 2016 Nominee, Dušan Jurkovič Award Nominee and Arch Award 2016 Nominee.

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