Presented architectural design of the family house originated in a competition by invitation. The assignment was to build a rentable family residence as a city villa with few storeys. The location of this building is in the old town of Bratislava on the Partizánska street, in the area between the castle and the Slavín. In the past this part was formed by terraced vineyards, which were later transformed into a residential area. The area is important in the history of the modern slovak architecture and several significant buildings are located here. Three famous villas from the father of slovak modern architecture Emil Belluš, including his own, are located in the close area. Few houses above, on the Partizánska street is a very nice reconstructed functionalist sanatorium of Dr. Koch. From recent history we can find here an award winning house with a studio from architect Ján Studený . . .

The main concept of our competition design is based on the assignment of functional content and the intention to make the building in a constructional and functional way simple and variable. We designed an interesting and segmented interface between the interior and the exterior through all the floors. On the ground floor it is very important to have contact with livin space conected to a garden. On the highest floors we have created terraces with panoramatic view. Individual residents do not see on other residential terraces.

Designed building has four storeys, with every aditional storey the building becomes smaller in the direction from bottom to the top floor. The main daytime living space is located on the ground floor and is on the same level connected to exterior terrace and the garden. The ground floor creates the main contact between the interior and the exterior and is situated best for the living area with the kitchen and the dining and as well for the indoor pool hall with sauna. Vertical communication core is formed by the stairs with a lift, around which are the programs of idividual living designed relatively free and variable. Second floor consists of three apartment bedrooms, each with its own closet and sanitary facilities. The idea of individual bedrooms with their own facilities will alow to rent the residence not only as a whole object but when necessary in way of an apartment concept.

The materiality of the building is designed in the way we like to work with materials – heavy bottom and lighter top floor. The existing massive rock wall on the border between the site and the street continues to the facade of the vila with brick blocks. Then it again leads to the optical lighter masses of the large glass walls on the higher floors. By mirroring the sky in the large glass wals is the building visually dissapearing, it sinks into the clouds in an interesting way.

Our competition design is oriented on the residents, who as individuals deserve to live more free than the slovak real estate market is showing them. It was a great pleasure to design this unique villa.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Jakub Havlík
Location: Bratislava, Partizánska ulica
Design: 2017