Family house conceptually responsive to significant site slope and fantastic panoramic views towards the ridge of the Kremické vrchy Banská Bystrica.

The family house 90.60.30. is designed for the permanent housing of three to four-member family. The concept responds to the spatial content and user requirements, substantial slope of land, its orientation to the cardinal, but above all, the possibility of panoramic views to the ridge and valley of the Kreminické vrchy Banska Bystrica. Front northern facade is relatively closed. The north view to the city is shielded by the surrounded buildings, based on this fact the closed facade protects the privacy of the living areas of the house. The house is occluded to the neighboring land and buildings, and the whole volume is turned toward the south west. Thus, it opens up a perfect view of the opposite slope of Kremnické vrchy, while the residential part of the building slides on steep land and adapt to its slope - continuously from the street entrance to the pool on the garden terrace . . .

Although the object is placed in a very problematic hill, there is no need for the complicated earthworks. The highest part of the house is the entrance part in the direction of the street. The layout of residential areas of the house consist of a two-levels hight living hall with kitchen and dining area, bedroom, wellness and workroom . The room are designed to enable users in different rooms to find the same panorama and sunlit. The technical part of the house are located in the northern part of embedded facade. The interesting moment of the house is an interior atrium in the center of the entrance floor. This element illuminate the residential parts of the house and brings the greenery, nature and weather into the interior. The sloped facade and the floor plan skew helps to maximize possibilities of the view. In order to see the whole panorama of the nearby mountains, the facade is skewed and allow residents a direct contact with the rapidly changing mountain weather. During a dramatic weather will be inclined facade contrasts with the comfortable interior flow of the rain or snow, during the nice weather will turn interior lit by soft evening sun. The technology of the house consist of a underfloor heating and ceiling cooling. As a source of heat and cold is used a heat pump system air-water with the possibility to heat by fireplace. Automatic ventilation is ensured by the air-condition with the retroactively ventilation heat recovery. The house also includes the intelligent control wiring and solar heater for hot domestic water.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: Pršianska terasa, Banská Bystrica
Design, project: 2012-2013
Construction: in progress