Unusually shaped house with wooden facade in contact with massive trees, which creates a variable vibrant composition.

Land rises to the southwest from its lower edge of the road up the hill to the massive mixed forests occupying a third of its size. Forest in contact with the house is considered as advantage of the location. The forest creates alive varying scenery for the residential part of the house providing the intimacy of a terrace with a swimming pool. Therefore, we decided to focus the main single-level residential part of the house primarily on the forest. With a view to minimize earthworks and maximize the size of the garden, the building will be located on the site contour line. Consequently, the housing plan shows the shape of a triangle cathetus . . .

The house will inhabit a family of four. With regard to the requirement of living part without staircase, the house is designed as a single-level living floor house with the entrance basement. The entrance is located on the basement facade facing the road. The entrance to the garage is integrated under the living floor mass in a protected niche, created by the removal of volume in the direction of the basement entrance. The removal of the house volume is to be repeated on the floor above, where it forms a protected exit to the terrace. In addition to the garage and entrance vestibule, the basement contains all technical and storage rooms of the house. Right after the main entrance is located the staircase heading to the upper living part of the house. The light that penetrates from above, illuminates the niche and guides the visitor of the house. After the climbing the stairs to the living level, one can see the main residential part consisting of daily living hall with kitchen and dining area. This floor opens a panoramic view to the surrounding forest. The perception of the "open forest" is enhanced by the glazed wall and the pent roof that rises toward the forest. Pent roof, created on the basis of wooden roof, significantly prolongs the sunlit of the living areas.
Night zone of the house are located on the sides of the day zone. Master bedroom is right next to living hall and wider hallway, usable as a playroom for kids. Near these spaces are located the children's rooms and the workroom (guest room). This night part of the house contains a bathroom, toilet and specific hygiene input-output node for dogs. The living hall and hallway is in the direct contact to the exterior of the garden. The windows of the children's rooms, bedroom, and the living-room window with built-in divan are oriented to the southeast on the road. Facade will be paneled with wood paneling. On this basis, the house declares belonging of this material to the forest and to the traditional rural area, whose territory is entered.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: Badín
Design, project: 2012-2015
Construction: in progress