The assignment of this urban-architecture study is to build an attractive polyfunctional content for new area that will rise under the Low Tatras, in the city part Sásová in the city of Banská Bystrica. The area will be limited by space and traffic conception of the housing estate Quartetto, a green corridor of erosive break underneath , an urban plan and a path of utility lines. The area will be joining existing traffic lines and highly used pedestrian corso leading around Sásová. New area will consist of a polyfunctional building, urban spaces like pedestrian corso, green areas, an outdoor playground for kids or a sport area for seniors and a versatile sports hall with its own parking. All of the listed parts will be joined by pedestrian paths, terrain works and appropriate adjustments of trees . . .

Newborn city area will consist of two parts. First one is the polyfunctional building with ground floor offering space for the shops and services. It is required to create an attractive urban space in continuity of the coffee shop, bistro and confectionery what will offer a small square for pedestrians, baby-strollers, bicycles, skates, wheelchairs. Market place and cultural happenings will as well take place on this square. The polyfunctional building will consist of two-room flats to rent, lofts to sale, an office space, a restaurant and parking places. Our intent is to work with views on the Low Tatras scenery, with a decent height of the buildings, barrier free access and more levels of terraced exterior.

The second part of the new area will be dominated by a multi-purpose sports hall, which can be used as well as a concert hall or a theater, or a universal urban space well suited for neighbors bazaar or school happenings. Exterior courts, sports bar, coffee shop and other services as fitness or climbing wall will be as well parts of the multi-purpose sports hall.

Both parts of this new area will be joined by paths for pedestrians, traffic will use the existing roads and surrounding urban space will be filled by trees and plants. It was important to build compulsory number of parking places right in the area. In the connection with existing buildings in the city part Sásová it was as well important to work sensitively with the new shapes, so there would be no problems with insulation or view covering. Instead, builded shapes will bring new possibilities for free time activities to new inhabitants as well as to current ones.

From the perspective of economical sustainability of this polyfunctional area it is very desirable to use the existing pedestrian paths of the city part Sásová. This highly used path will bring the inhabitants to the new area, which will support its successful alteration. Sásová is a big residential city part, any number of free time activities which can be used by all people is certainly welcome. None of the used pedestrian paths will be changed or canceled. The location of area is as well an advantage. It is placed on the interface of the city part Sásová and not frequently used road that leads to mountain resort Šachtičky. That means that as well people from other towns will not have troubles with access. Another thing from which the new area can profit is the relation with nature and the National park Low Tatras. Not only is the area very close to nature, but beautiful views are being created on its north side.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Jakub Havlík, Natália Michalová, Marek Peťovský
Location: Banská Bystrica - Sásová
Design: 2018