Horizontal and minimalistic house with the panorama to the pine forest and to the city of Banska Bystrica. One spacious living floor fully embedded into the ground.

The intention of our client was to design the self-standing residential house. The site is situated on the hillside in the Banska Bystrica, in the Suchy vrch area. The site is slightly in slope to the southeast and the house itself is oriented in the orientation of the slope to the southeast with the access from the west part of the site. Nice panoramas from the site are located to the southeast with the pine forest and to the northwest with the city of Banska Bystrica with the hills above the city. The main advantage of the site is the beautiful nature of the Kremnica hills, with the dense pine forest and the panorama of Banska Bystrica. Disadvantage of the site is the slope of the terrain and its relation to the surrounding composition of the residential houses . . .

Design of the residential house comes from the intentions of the client, the shape of site and locality as well as orientation to the sun. The key elements in design are one-level building, sufficient privacy in the interior and exterior of the house with respect of the surrounding houses, interesting panorama from the all living areas, sufficient sunlight of the living areas, simplicity of the building and its coherent operation with connection to the exterior terrace.
Family house is situated along the passable ramp. The operation of the house is one level with the dominant horizontal composition of the glass facade heading to the southeast and to the surrounding panorama of pine forest. The important part of the house is the spacious living terrace on the southeast facade. This terrace is accessible directly from the parking area next to the car-entrance, with no need to access the house. The interface between interior living area and exterior isn't linear. Designed meander comes inside the house and creates a bigger living part of the exterior terrace.
Besides the horizontal composition and inconspicuousness , the important element of our design is the natural materiality. It is anchored mainly on the natural materials and its natural colors. Green roof, natural concrete surface of the walls, the glass surfaces and the rough wooden terrace together with the surrounding nature creates the harmonious unity. Significant element of the architectural aspect is the roof skylight with the steel bearing trusses. Skylight creates the interesting height division and its changing light and sunlit sceneries. The glass walls, natural materiality, or changeable sunlit add to the house more colorful and interesting layers.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Natália Michalová
Location: Banská Bystrica
Design, project: 2016 . . .