Minimalist villa located in golf resort with a abundant technological equipment, creating the space for housing with the possibility of premium relaxation.

An entering draft of exclusive villa was the creation of comfortable living with the possibility of everyday relaxation, without frequent overcoming of height levels. Emphasis was also given to a contact of living area and a garden exterior in relation to the adjacent artificial lake, which is part of the surrounding golf resort . . .

The draft resulted to an introverted house, which is rotated to the street communication by almost completely closed entrance area - entrance vestibule and garage. The main living floor is located on the ground floor. The height of the living floor is a half floor lower than the entrance area and it is turned into a protected part of the land towards the lake. Living area includes generous residential hall with kitchen and dining room, relaxation and wellness block and a bedroom. Less attended floor, located about half a floor higher than the entrance area of the house, includes a guest room with a private roof terrace and a multi-purpose home office overlooking the lake. High-rise construction division of the house to the main living part and the guest section begins in the entrance of the house. In this way, if necessary, the proposal can separate the movement of the visitors from more intimate residential zone.
The exterior area takes advantage of the side facades of the house. The east side of the facade serves as a protection of the outdoor terrace for wellness and living floor bedroom. West side is narrower and serves as visual enlargement of the central corridor linking the entrance and residential part of the building. All protected outdoor areas around the villa include designed landscaping compositions with the artworks. This scenery is visible from the fully-glazed walls of living area, which visually expands the exterior to the interior. The privacy of the interior is protected by the wall fence leading along the longitudinal edge of the site. Besides, the walls function as the aforementioned background for landscaping and artwork.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: Hrubá Borša, Senec district
Design, project: 2011 - 2012