Family house with a semi-recessed basement and a living terraces offering comfortable living with good connection to the exclusive view exterior.

The starting point of the proposal is the investor interest in the comfortable living, without changing height levels, with fine connections to the exterior and maximizing exclusive view. The requirements of the any height change were reflected in the design by semi-recessed basement. The basement created a protected entry and it also visually lightened total mass of the house . . .


Two-armed staircase connects the technical basement with large, complexly designed living areas. After entering into the living area, visitor finds himself in a spacious living hall containing the kitchen, dining room and living room. The hall is the focal point of the house and accessing the other parts of the house; two children's rooms, bathroom, separate master bedroom, terrace and balcony. Exclusive view of the city and especially the Low Tatras is visible from a living-room and master bedroom. Linking of the terraces and loggias with the large living hall, through large glazed walls creates visually spacious living area. Skylight above the kitchen ensures all-day light penetration into the center of the house. Exterior design of the residential floor is based on the principle of subtracting volume, where the intervention will remain recorded by another color and material. In this case, it is used the contrast between the white, heavily textured plaster and wood paneling of the terraces walls.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: IBV Suchý vrch, Banská Bystrica
Design, project: 2010-2011
Construction: in progress