A family house named K2 was built in the village of Kyncelova near Banska Bystrica. On the neighbouring site, there is a house called "Dom Zlomu" which was also designed by our studio. The K2 House is occupied by an elderly couple whilst the neighbouring house which was built earlier is occupied by their children and grandchildren.. Multiple generations can thus enjoy privacy of their own living space whilst sharing common external areas. While designing the K2 House, the aim was not to create a supplement to an earlier built construction but a fully-fledged house with an independent and tailored concept . . .

When designing K2, we considered the shape of the terrain and owners' requirements and decided for a spatial concept of the construction rising in the terrain, in the direction from the street to the garden. This concept is reflected in the interior layout with two one-flight staircases which bridge the difference in elevation between the street side entrance area and the garden part of the lot, forming three independent levels. Stair flights are clearly expressed in the outer dynamic shape of the building creating its unique form when viewed from the street. The division of the building into three levels allows to meet the client´s requirement to separate thoroughly the study room from the main living area of the house making it sound-proof and independent as it is often used as a guest room. The entrances to the house and garage are set in a yellow recess in the basement. The basement level is aligned with access road and comprises servicing and storage areas . Half-storey up behind the hallway and staircase there is a study room used as a guest room and a small bathroom with toilet. A large corner window in the study room provides a panoramic view over the street. Connecting stair flight provides access to the main level of the house comprising spacious hall-like living room, kitchen, dining area and pantry. There is a corridor leading along fully glazed facade facing the garden connecting the living room with the en-suite bedroom and a separate toilet. Glazed facade on the highest level of the house provides the living area of the house with extra light and sunshine, and with the access to the garden terrace. A big window on the opposite east facade offers views of the entrance to the house from the kitchen. The roof is interesting as well. It is a flat roof which rises in spiral at the level of the garden terrace behind the house and spreads in form of inclined planes above interior stairs along street facing facade up to the highest roof level. The roof is mostly grassed and can be walked on, i.e. it is easily accessible for maintenance purposes, even at the highest level of the roof.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Collaborators: Zuzana Reháková
Location: Kynceľová, district Banská Bystrica
Design, project: 2009-2011
Construction: 2010-2013

Awards: Arch Award 2014 Nominee and Dušan Jurkovič Award 2015 Nominee

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