Interpolis Office Center will be a high-quality administrative building with a sophisticated parking system and operational and technological background the region is currently missing. Our goal is to provide business space to companies operating in the field of knowledge economy and IT which promote high-quality working environment for their members of staff.

The investment relates to a building which had already been bought and shall be recontructed due to its moral obsolescence. Reconstruction of an original 12-storey building will be large as only a ferro-concrete framework will be left for further construction. The existing building will be extended by an annex to be constructed on an empty adjacent land including construction of a parking house behind the building.

A three-storey extension will be annexed to the building from an adjacent unoccupied land. It will include mainly business and administrative premises, indispensable hygiene/sanitation facilities and an internal communication atrium with stairs and upper backlighting.
A new design of high-quality glass and conventional facades with horizontal windows will give the building modern architectural expression. The basic building figure, a vertical upper part of the tower and its horizontal socle will not be modified. The building will be given a completely new energy-effficient design and a modern and automatically-managed energetic and microclimate conception. The surroudings will be cultivated with park landscape architecture, bushes or green plants with the highest existing tree to be preserved.
The main goal of a parking house was to create complete and the least visible parking background for a new construction. The parking house is located from the view of the street in the cover of the building and its height will not exceed the top level of an annex of an administrative building. The basic ferro-concrete framework of the parking house will be visible to the full extent. The majority of facades of the parking house will be cultivated with hanging green growing from exterior green areas in the surroudings or monolitic flower pots to be hung on the facade above the ground-floor level.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Colaborators: Natália Galko Michalová, Marek Peťovský, Radovan Krajňak
Location: Partizánska cesta 3, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Client: Interpolis, a.s.
Design, projects: 2016 - 2019
Contruction: 2019 - 2022
Area: 8.300 m2 office + 6.200 m2 parking (209 cars)
Volume: 53.200 m3
 cca 12 mil. € shell & core
Photo: Matej Hakár

Publications: archinfo, archiweb  

Projekt 01/2023 - Interpolis Office Center