Design of the modern wooden structure as a low-cost bungalow on the outskirts of the village with views of the nearby pine forest and the panorama of the Low Tatras.

The aim of the client was the construction of single-level, low-cost family house on the outskirts of Badin village near Banska Bystrica. An essential requirement was to take advantage of the panorama of the northeast view of the pine forest and the Low Tatras. Cost savings is applied in the concept of the house that adapts to sloping terrain and follows him in several interior height levels. The level division is also reflected in the exterior and substantially define its artistic architectural expression. Furthermore by following of Ground contour substantially minimize the cost of site preparation and volumes understructure...

Moreover, house fulfills its assumptions by its localization. Due to the terrain, sunlit and neighbors, the house will stand close to the western edge of the property. In this direction it is not necessary to situate windows or exterior living space. Therefore, shed roof has a slope towards this side and roofing will cover the low western facade. Rain water will flow into a ground surface drain. The south side of the building will serve as a entrance part and parking for the car. Substantial part of the design is the panorama to the northeast and sunlit from southeast. An interesting moment in proposal is the movement inside the house. Since the entrance visitor moves straight to the light trough the corridor until he find himself in the main residential lobby and opens his view to the natural scenery of pine trees in the foreground. The building construction gradually opens and releases itself from the entrance towards the living area, as a linking with the hierarchy of the spaces.
Domini has several height levels implemented with the necessary rooms. In the direction from the entrance are located the warehouse and storage space, study and children´s room, necessary hygienic and technical background of the house. The layout of the house culminates by the living room with kitchen and dining room and a separate master bedroom with a private bath. The spine of the building is a corridor that connects all the rooms of the house in the axis from entrance to exterior terrace next to the living hall and bedroom.
The construction is proposed from the wooden sandwich panels, so it is possible to achieve the passive building standard. Massive concrete floors with a single masonry walls will form as the main accumulation mass of the house. Top layers of the floors are wooden. Sloping roof rack is mounted lightweight, made of glued wooden beams, nailing by the wooden planks. The external finish of the roof is designed from the titanium-zinc metal sheet. Terraces are made from wood and the surrounding garden is design as a fruit garden without the complex landscaping.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Zuzana Reháková
Location: Badín
Design: 2011