Reconstruction of the listed heritage protected building creates luxury accommodation facility of the hotel type with a complete operating and leisure facilities.

Foundation for a two-round architectural competition for design of reconstruction of the Halíč castle was to create a representative accommodation of hotel type with all operational, leisure and relaxation facilities. Part of the task was a proposal of usability of the castle area. The crucial moment in our proposal was a complete roofing of the castle courtyard and location of all health and wellness activities in the underground courtyard. The second round of the competition presented the interior design of the hotel rooms. All proposed interventions and new interior features was designed in the spirit of contemporary design with respect to the historical framework settings. On the basis of the two round proposal, which won both rounds of the competition, was created the project of castle reconstruction realization which is currently finished and open to public.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Jaro Janek, Martin Paulíny, Miloš Pivko, Igor Teplan
Location: Halič
Competition: 2006
Project: 2008
Construction: in progress