International public anonymous architectural competition to expand the campus of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Our proposal has placed the required campus extension into multiple objects. New objects and given relations between them are designed on a few conceptual basis...

The most important is the thoughful separation of the movement of visitors, students, cars and supply delivery. The dividing line is the starting axis of the area leading from the main entrance to the exterior staircase. On the right side from the axis, in the relation with the existing entrance communication, we have designed a terraced parking area and a supply communication with a turning point for garbage pick up. On the left side from the main axis we have designed a public space which is leaning to the back part of the campus area, serving also the canteen, aula and dormitory. The ratio between the area used for car supplying and pedestrian paths is significantly to the benefit of the pedestrian.

Parking space underneath the new school building is a result of our effort to customise the economic efficiency to the maximum. Our vision for the future is to use the parking space under the building as another technological pavilion or an additional exhibition area. In the near future. We anticipate that the city regulation relating to car usage in the city center will become more limited and possibly reducing the parking capacities. Of course it has to go hand in hand with the overall conceptual traffic solution in Bratislava. city center or on its outskirts.

Public space is the key ingrediency in most of the modern university campuses in the world. We have therefore paid a great attention to its proportion and service. The back bone of our design for the public space is to make it as much multipurpose as we can. We call it a "public living room" and it is designed for students, teachers and school visitors. We believe that the school life will take places in those "living room" areas. We have respond to the requirement for a relatively low cost building by using a simple concrete base and handling it in a way as an artwork. This also applies for the transparent facade, it cannot be done in more simple way.

Our proposal is based on the clients task, volumative limitation, phasing and capital intensity. Our design proposal comes from defining the public spaces and their clear separation from the transport and supply path. Another aspect of our design is also its visual character and spatial layout following the original design of the architect Dušan Kuzma. The material of concrete shaped aula refers to his sculptural architecture. Architecture of its time which is original nowadays.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Veronika Kochaníková, Natália Michalová, Marek Peťovský
Location: Bratislava, Drotárska cesta
Architectural competition: 2019